Portfolio - Tods Murray v Arakin

The BriefWhat the client asked us for...

We were aproached by a lovely lady called Carol McNamara who was interested in creating a website that would allow her to document a family court case (Tods Murray v Arakin) that has been ongoing since 1986.

It was important that she could update the site herself as the court case is still on going and the site will need updated regularly.

She wanted something that was easy to read and professional looking as a large portion of the audience for the site would be from the legal profession.


The DesignWhat we came up with...

alliance screenshot

We decided that it would be best to keep the colours neurtral, so went with pastel blues and purples. As readability was important a simple grey text on white background with bold for highlighting important sections.

The tipped scales are symbolic of the impartiality that the McNamara family feel they are facing in the court system.


The FeedbackWhat the client had to say...

"I love the site boys, thanks for your hard work!"

Carol McNamara - Tods Murray v Arakin


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What people think of us...

quote  "I'd used Swift Digital Media before, so I already knew the level of professionalism and quality of service I was going to get. I was involved in every part of the design process.

I love the brand they've come up with for my company and I look forward to working with them again in the future when I launch a social media campaign for String Theory."

by: Jamie Smith, Cosmoonaut Creations.

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